Cloud - Data - IoT - Advanced Analytics & Technology Consulting

We bring clarity, simplicity and control to your digital journey

Infer Origins is passionate and agile organization, we assist enterprises in their Digital Journey by providing product offerings, Consulting services for Enterprise Information Management solutions in Data Integration, Data Quality, Master Data Management, Big Data, IoT, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Our mission is to assist firms small or big in their digital journey by providing products and consulting services, drawing upon years of productive experience and through our carefully chosen partner network. We support our clients in choosing the right solutions to realize the benefits of new-age technologies and to maintain a competitive advantage at par with their peers

Our Story

We’re passionate engineers, Business  Intelligence and machine learning experts who are, working together bringing out best of the technology to organizations; small and big.

We help organizations in adopting technology and collaborate with like-minded technology pioneers, startups, independent technology consultants in our consulting engagements keeping in mind our clients business interests and competitiveness on the highest priority

Passion about Technology, People & Process

We’ve always been fascinated with Technology and Intelligence. An unresolved business problem or challenge always enticing for us to explore, expand our knowledge, provide solutions with the best possible methods, processes and tools.

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The biggest challenge many organizations facing now is seamlessly converting boardroom decisions and architectural blueprints into an operational and live active IT Landscape balancing People, Process, Organizational Culture & Technology.

We believe this complexity needs close collaboration with people, organizations, Startups and Independent Technology consultants working as one team with a common goal to improve business agility through innovation.

Our Founders began their journey in 2004, over the years worked, contributed in various assignments, organizations and at client locations in productive roles. Culminating years of experience, to convey our own vision, passion and values, started our entrepreneurial journey in 2019, bringing along with our partners, engineers and domain experts, products, services and technology consulting experience

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Our Values
We have a great interest and enthusiasm for Cloud, Data, Business Intelligence, IoT/IIoT, Advanced Analytics
MES solutions and technology.
We strive to pursue, develop, and bring to market futuristic products and services.

We always seek to innovate with a business outcome focus.
Technical Excellence
We strive to be the best at what we do and our clients business interests & competitive edge is our topmost priority.

We work together as one team with our peers, our clients, and our partners