Collaboration with technology pioneers & lean startups

Through our strategic partnerships, we’re able to unlock world-class talent, networks and technology to give our clients Digital advantage and competitive edge for scaling

To achieve the desired results a successful collaboration with third parties is crucial. Monolithic silver built solutions are a bygone era, yet there are a vast number of products, solution offerings which are often overcrowding solution space and many need guidance with the right choices.

Through our excellent relationships with key technology vendors in the field of Cloud - Data - IIoT/IoT and Analytics. Our in-depth knowledge of various market-leading product offerings and technology solutions, we can always certain to help you select the best solution that suits well for your own specific circumstances.

Jaaji Technologies

Jaaji Technologies is a lean startup that is for the past few years helping clients with their Plant performance monitoring and analytics through a feature rich cost conscious product called InSis suit, which can be customized for any discrete manufacturing process.

inSis Suite is a Manufacturing Execution Systems & Big Data Analytics Software that help Manufacturing Industries to improve its Production Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Reliability & Safety

Top Manufacturing Technology Solution Providers - 2018

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