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Infer Origins deliver innovative products and services in collaboration with technology pioneers and lean startups

We actively participate in pre sales and implementations of partner solutions and also co-opt for modernization and SaaS efforts.

Through our strategic partnerships, we’re able to unlock world-class talent, networks, and technology to give our clients leverage as they scale.

InSis Suite

InSis Suite is a comprehensive platform from Jaaji technologies Ltd for digitization of your manufacturing operations. It helps your organization's digital transformation happen quickly and cost-effectively

Jaaji Technologies
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InSis Suite

InSis Suite, EMS features and capabilities.

  • inSis MIS & OI -Manufacturing Information & Operational Intelligence
  • inSis Luna Cloud-based Data Historian & Solutions with IIoT Support
  • inSis EMS -Energy Management System
  • inSis AMS -Analyzer Maintenance & Management System
  • inSis Operations Logbook Digitization of Operator Logbooks
  • inSis PMS Performance Monitoring with KPI Management
  • inSis Reports -Reports Automation Solution
  • inSis Events & Notifications -Events & Notifications System
  • inSis Mobile Apps-Mobility Solutions for Manufacturing Plants

  • what we do

    • Creating Product Awareness and Market outreach campaigns
    • Promoting InSis Suite and Other Jaaji Technologies products and services in Benelux Region
    • Showcasing InSis Suite in tradeshows and Big Data & IoT events
    • Optimizing Digitial presence in EU region and guiding to reach industry influencers
    • Assisting prospective clients through B2B journey
    • EU regulatory compliance & industry standards guidelines
    • Product Implementation & Operations Management
    • Contributing to Product strategy & thought leadership
    • 3rd party tool integrations and Interface development
    • SaaS Integrations
    • Big Data engineering and Data Platform Integrations